Looking less insecure


Fixing your insecurities should become a thing that you always take into consideration. You should know how to fix this insecurities while you talk with other people. You will see that as soon as you fix them, you will be able to have really meaningful conversations that you would like. The main reason why you need to fix these insecurities is that you won`t have the second chance to make a strong first impression. If people see that you are insecure when they first meet you up, you will lose some important connections and even opportunities.

You shouldn`t be someone that you aren`t and you should focus on you5rself so you will become better at talk with other people. You should know how to treat yourself so that your self-esteem will increase. You should learn how to receive compliments. When people give you compliments you shouldn`t deny their evaluation because it robs them of that experience. You will see that you won`t feel vulnerable if you appreciate what they say about you. It is easy to say thanks and this statement will show that you appreciate what they said.

Poking fun of yourself can be really great but it is not too good to show that you don`t care about yourself. Don`t treat yourself like a joke. It is cool to poke some jokes about you, but you shouldn`t do that often. Repeated self-criticism makes people thing that you don`t appreciate yourself.

Poor eye contact is another thing that you need to work on. Everyone that struggles with this, should find a way to embrace it because it is very important to make eye contact. You need to practice holding eye contact when other people are talking. You can than work on casually breaking the eye contact every 5-15 seconds. You shouldn`t bully other people. If you were secure about yourself you shouldn`t bully other people. People that love to tear down other people are usually insecure.

Only talking about yourself is another thing that makes you fell less secured about yourself. You should be curious about other people experiences and tell them to share similar experience with you. You will see that if you decide to improve all of these things, you will become more secure. Another thing that you shouldn`t do is bragging about your career. You should know that rich people don`t tell other people how rich they are.