What women want men to know about sex


There are a lot of things that men need to know about sex. If they know these tips, the sex will turn out to be better. Men should know that women won`t automatically fall in love with them if they will give them an orgasm. A woman is just a person like you that has needs. You should be able to fulfill her other needs too. You should also know that a woman loves a night stand as much as you do. You shouldn`t be offended if you won`t get the phone number. There will be the chance though to get another date. Another thing that you should know is that the women usually discuss all of their sex lives with their friends.

Talking about sex can turn out to be as great as actually having sex. Men should also know that the penis size doesn`t matter to the woman as much as they think it does. The women don`t care as long as the men will be using a condom and the penis will be healthy. You should think again if you decide to show up with a penis without pubic hair. You are a grown man and a lot of women prefer the hair. Expect women to run to the bathroom quickly after the sex. Women love not having to deal with a UTI than kissing you after orgasm. You shouldn`t expect sex to last for a long period of time. For women the ideal time of having sex is about 20 minutes. After 20 minutes, people are tired and they probably need something to eat. In real life sexual act is not like on xvideos.com porn videos.

Foreplay is an important part of sex. This one is seriously mandatory and it is a part of sex. You should do it every single time because women really like this part of the sex. You shouldn`t take things personally. When a woman suggests you something, you shouldn`t take that personally. It is a good idea to trust her. A lot of women want to have sex as often as you do. Keep this in mind. Women aren`t col. You should ditch this idea from your mind. If a woman is on her period, this means that sex isn`t off the table. Period sex is a thing. It can turn out to be great and you should try it out. You should be willing to give it a try if you like.